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to show you who i am... - My Life.

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July 5th, 2009

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08:40 pm - to show you who i am...
memories. moments in time we log in our brain. stored up endorphins so when times get hard we can "jog our memory" and look back to help ourselves realize maybe life isn't so bad after all. is it possible to store up enough "happy memories" that the bad days don't seem so bad. so that the gray skies are actually just a new shade of blue. life goes by faster every day. everyone wants time to just stop. but think of all the things you could be doing with the moments you are wishing away. the days fly by as we sit and dream of a brighter one. a little piece of your life is wasted every time you mope and pout and wish for "something better". what happens when the day you've been dreaming of finally comes along? do you finally feel satisfied and start living in the moment rather than planning the next? life hands you a lemon. what you do with it tells a lot about the person you are. everyone thinks back to their childhood. reminiscing about family vacations, favorite cartoons and the movie that will always remind them of their "younger years". moments made into memories, then molded to last a lifetime. but no matter what the memory there is always someone that has the same one only a little different. "you remember that time when..." if you answer them with no i dont remember.... you are being reminded of a forgotten memory. it clearly happened you just can't seem to remember.so think about this. we are told that when we die our life flashes before our eyes. but what they don't tell us is which parts? will it be the parts that are still vivid, the ones you remember perfectly all the way down to the smell in the air? or will it be the ones that made you who your are, that turn out to be the ones you never took the time to notice and remember? if it is the forgotten ones you see, what you feel right before you die will come as a complete surprise.will you be happy because you lived your life to the fullest even in times you don't remember? or will you be ashamed of how much time you actually wasted wishing for more? either way i think it is time for all of us to start living! i don't want any surprises. i want to know that in the end i will be happy with how i lived...don't you?

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