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July 20th, 2009

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09:16 pm - where are we...
we're brought into a planned life. the first eighteen years are arranged for us. when we're babies its nap time, dinner time, bath time,  bed time. then its school...all thirteen years. K-12. its set up for you. what about when  those eighteen years are over...then what? up until the summer after your senior year your life is laid out like your clothes when you were little. its chosen for us. we have no choice. we just listen, follow directions, do what we're told. then all of the sudden it's the summer before your senior year and every day you start to realize in one year you will be on your own. one year. 365 days. isn't that what you've been waiting for? moving out, staying up late, doing things your way. no rules. no parents. sound great?...or terrifying. what if your best isn't good enough? what if you screw up your life. on your own is a scary place to be...or is it? think about it. the only way you can screw up your life is by doing things that make you unhappy. you were meant to be great. if you put your everything into living the best life possible, how could you mess it up? the answer is...you cant. sure being on your own is a change but if you take it as making the statement, "I'll be great. Even if i do it by my self. I will make a masterpiece out of the life i've been given." every step of life is just a new part of the beautiful painting that is your life. starting now you will live. i pray you will live. this is your chance to make a mark. senior year, take chance. make memories. learn more about yourself. everything you do is unique. be an individual. leave your stamp on this world. you have the power to be remembered. you may feel all alone but remember you are your biggest fan, your best friend. if you believe you are amazing the world wont be far behind. be brave. be strong. be unique. be yourself, cause you're brillant.

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