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July 29th, 2009

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09:42 pm - what the hell is going on...
you don't want to live unnoticed. life is a trip. no on said it was going to be easy. this is gonna be a long journey. there are things that are gonna make you feel defeated. your gonna want to throw in the towel. but that's what life is. challenges getting you ready for harder more complicated challenges. this world is gonna kick t he shit out of you to see if you can handle it. its a dog-eat-dog world. you have to be ready, strong, confident. think of life as high school. your either the girl that goes home crying everyday, or  your the girl that made her cry. it sucks but its the truth. there's always gonna be a mean girl. you have to make your voice heard or you quickly become nothing but mere background noise. i don't know about you but i will be heard. i am a lion that will never stop roaring. and i hope you are the same. it's important to make a mark. a lasting impression. you don't want to waste the life you've been dealt. sometimes you get lucky and you don't have to be the victim or the villan... but not very often does that happen. it is important that you realize what i am about to say is true: you are special. unique. beautiful. you have everything going for you. don't give up. you're leaving a hand print on this world everytime you break through another brick wall. hate or be hated. life is black and white. if you want to live with no bad memories, haunting thoughts of bullies,or high school horror stories...you have to stand your ground. talk is talk. bitches are bitches they cant help it ; ) ... high school is either the the worst time of your existance or the greatest. make the most of it. don't be the victim in school or life there after. lift your head up. no one can ruin you, unless you let their words fill your mind. you are the only judge that matters on the panel of your life. make YOUR mark. leave YOUR stamp. don't let yourself go unnoticed. because the bitches that make you cry they don't feel bad for you, so you shouldn't feel bad for yourself. they don't live to make your life hell its just what happens. so don't live to let them crush you. and in the end everyone gets theirs. the score always gets settled... always.

Current Mood: rant

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