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Introduction - My Life.

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June 20th, 2009

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08:29 pm - Introduction

sometimes. every time the world starts to feel to big and i start feeling more and more insignificant i run to my escape. the one thing that reminds me i am more than a piece of the puzzle making up life as we know it. i have thoughts that could stretch across the widest of rivers, seas and oceans. and i have decided to share what i think, feel and believe in a place where others can read what i am thinking and ponder on the same thoughts. but you must know this livejournal is for one person in specific. life is something you can't escape until you are no longer needed. it is when you are used up, broken down, left behind and forgotten that your time here is said to be over and you being gone is then accepted. this fact may sound selfish or exaggerated but there is reason for it. at any given moment on any given day you are someones everything. if you were to disappear or remove yourself from the world before it is acceptable to do so you would leave at least one person in this vast world feeling completely lost and utterly alone. we all have someone in the back of our mind. they are there at all times. that is the person you need. the person you would be lost without. you are that person to someone. i am that person to someone. and the reason i am writing this is for that someone that is always in my mind. don't get me wrong i hope my thoughts and feelings help others along the way and i hope they shed light on subjects that have been left to dry out and have been forgotten, but that isn't my intention. they aren't the most intellectual journals and i claim no writing ability. but for the person i am writing to they could and can mean everything. everyone that has a journal writes in hope that the person they are writing for will one day read what they have to say. we want that person to know us better than anyone else does. we want to let that one person in. we want to share all of our thoughts with them. and that is the reason for my writing. i want that person to know they are not alone. that i too have been through the same struggles and i found a way through the sadness or through the difficult. i write about happier days and lovely memories in order to bring the good to the surface. i write to intrigue thoughts. i write to help you. i hope the person i am writing for reads these entries and gets me. understands what i am thinking and feels as if i stole the thoughts right from their own mouth. for one person all of this will be true. and i hope the person that gets me is the person i want to most. all of this, after all, is for you.

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