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to show you how i feel... - My Life.

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July 4th, 2009

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08:36 pm - to show you how i feel...

when your world seems to be crumbling down around you, the people that are standing by your side might come as a surprise to you. second chances, some say, are overrated. but in the scheme of things everyone makes mistakes. boo-boo's that leave scars to last a lifetime. and when taking a closer look we find we're not the only ones that are scarred. it's hard to give people another try and forget the mistakes that have hurt you in the past. but the people that don't give up on you, the ones that want to make things ok after they mess up, aren't those the people you'd think we'd want in our lives most? think about it. even after they screw up they want you to forgive them because your opinion matters so much to them. you are that important of a part in their life that they are willing to ask you for another shot. life is a riddle. we screw up royal and expect immediate forgiveness, but when someone else does something stupid we are shocked when they expect our forgiveness. oxymoron's- jumbo shrimp, baby grand, unguarded person. we contradict ourselves on a daily basis. if all of our oopses haunted us till the day we died we'd never be able to forgive ourselves let alone move on with our lives. so why if we have the ability to move on and push our faults to the back of our minds, why is it so hard to for us to extend that common courtesy to others? people deserve another chance. i'm sure all of us have someone in our lives that has hurt us. and sometimes the people that hurt us the most are the people we care and love the deepest. people can only hurt us if we've let them in to our hearts. scars never heal, but with time they stop aching and they fade into us like a forgotten memory. life is a gift with a no return policy. everyone is in it for the long haul. everyone is in the same boat you are. if the ship is going down, share the damn door!

Current Mood: accepting

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